Multiple Intentions Behind Routine Laboratory Tests

The purpose of this article is to spur the people for Routine laboratory tests by highlighting the certain factors of  health risks.

Nothing best we can have in our life than a good and well stabilize health. Life’s long well-being demands some daily and sometime intervals efforts. We are all aware with the  life enhancing  list of precautions  which help us  to the  maintain  the  satisfy health. But, majority of people are  unaware about one main hidden obstacle which affect most to our health and that is  negation of the routine laboratory tests. Routine laboratory tests check up and screen the body  systems to roll out the health awfulness. 

The purpose of this article is to spur the people for Routine laboratory tests by highlighting the certain factors of  health risks. Routine lab testing  is  a way by which we can  upgrade our down fall health by analyzing the all  parameters of  blood and  other fluid contents of our body. Routine laboratory tests warn us about the impending  diseases by traced it earlier.

Human body keeps changing over time because its a natural phenomena and we all know every well that  after reaching to certain age this  changing nature  of body collapses our health which we can not pause by any technology or any mean.  so what we can do is! we can minimize it which is possible  through the routine lab tests. Routine lab test pinpoint the body disorders which make us know what type of prevention our body is needed. Regular body tests are   critical  components for optimizing the health.   To rescue the body from the development of any worst medical condition and for reduce the potential suitability of further diseases burden routine laboratory tests are essential. Getting routine laboratory tests time to time, help in early diagnosing which contribute to beneficial outcomes.

Stubbornness of omitting routine laboratory test keeps people away from the knowledge of nascent stage of diseases. For Example, After the age of 30 to 35, Everyone is more likely to have heart attack in future because aging causes the heart arteries to narrow due to the build up of cholesterol. Routine lab tests empower the person to track this abnormality before it become worse which will then defend the health. Except the cardiac disease, there are some more insidious diseases  which commonly grow in body with the  age such as the diabetes(abnormal level of blood sugar), dysfunctionality of different organs (problem in liver, kidney and etc.), Rheumatoid arthritis ( Muscles pain), Anemia( decrease in blood volume).

If these abnormalities are not diagnose and treat in a timely Manner, they not only exacerbate the person’s illness but also force him or her to undergo over diagnosis, over treatment and over money spending.

 Before that disease wraps our health, it manifest some indication to us. Because barely there is any disease which appear sudden. For illustrate, Individual who have underlying kidney problems often suffer with flank pain (kidney pain) on the back side of the body. But they endurance it and keep postpone the diagnosis.  They don’t get test until  they really feel sick enough and unless the strong signs and symptoms may develop.  Till that, they  take it lightly. This recklessness weighs the health down and make them to suffer more.

Routine laboratory tests are also prescribe to those patients who are taking treatments and medications after some time interval. These tests are done to isolate the potential worse consequences of treatment. Some disease medication attributes to secondary effects on body, some of them  are temporary and mild that go away itself but, undoubtly few medications are pernicious influence on  body. To lessen these harmful effect,  on going treatments are need to be change. For instance, cancer therapy drugs may cause alteration   in the body organs functionality. Ergo, Dr ask these patients to have a certain routine tests after each treatment, to monitor the treatment effects that wheter this treatment is safe to use or it need to change the doses or treatment. Like that, Its compulsory for those patient who take diuretics ( water pills)  to   have routine test (electrolytes test). Because as these pills increase urine output there is a risk to eliminate excessive amount of electrolytes too. Hence to  lessen this upcoming problems routine laboratory testing are curical.

Routine tests alongside with diagnosing of diseases and the monitoring of treatment side effects are also prescribe for multiple prognosis by doctors. Such as, in the case of cancer,  to determine it’s re-occurrence frequency  when the treatment has been completed  and to predict the patient survival time when the disease has become fatal and reached to incurable stage. For instance, in failure of any organ.

Hence, the intend of routine laboratory testing is not only for disease diagnosing they are use to interpret the various aspects. Their analyzing report  is like a portrait picture of our external system. These test reveal and uncover the person current overall health as well as  through-back the past condition.

Predominantly, people have limited the routine laboratory testing to diagnosing the diseases. While to ensure health protection, these tests are also recommended for people who possess good health and do not have any health problems which is enough to understand the medical significance of routine laboratory  tests.

Modernism is  leading wide changes. It eased the life, but unfortunately it manifold the health related problems. Such as  pre aging diseases are now common. Due to the arrival of new life style   the health of youngers are turning badly. Youngers are suffering from blood pressure and even they are the sufferers of cardiac attack. Past Active life is  transformed to sedentary life style which foster the diseases development. we also like to eat tempting foods which is unhealthy in actual. These variables of life have raised the need of routine lab testing more. 

Furthermore routine lab test are found to be helpful for those who have family history of illness,Which  are the result of mutated gene and can not be correct but they can be treat well if they diagnose early or treat early.

Laboratory analysis include many complex and high price tests wherein the routine tests are the simplest and inexpensive tests. But people fret about money and time and  as a consequent they rampant their diseases which can be nib in the bud.

Our lifespan is pre determined. Even the life expectancy is just a prediction which have no true value. Righteously there is nothing which can expand the life of us. But its up to us, that we live healthily or let it go in ailment. Therefore for the best of life, it’s requisite to go through routine lab test, which will not only better our health, but will be better for our wallet too.


B.S (Medical Laboratory Technology) student at University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

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