Niantic Confirms Legendary Pokémon To Return Raid Battles Soon

We have exciting news for Pokémon GO trainers. Niantic confirmed that a Legendary Pokémon will be returning to Raid Battles soon. This is Heatran, who you will soon be able to capture.

According to the official announcement, Heatran will return to Raid Battles at 3:00 PM Mexico City time on August 21. The legendary will remain there for 3 weeks, so it will disappear on September 10.

We remind you that Heatran is a legendary fire and steel type Pokémon. Thus, you must prepare a team with creatures of type water, fight and land to be able to defeat it. Once you are done with it you will have the opportunity to capture it and add it to your Pokédex.

And to you, what did you think of the news? Are you excited to catch Heatran? Tell us in the comments.

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