Dad Arested For Posting Shocking Video Of Dangles His Infant Daughter

AN INFLUENCER dad has been arrested after posting a shocking video where he dangles his infant daughter in the air by one leg.

Dad Arested For Posting Shocking Video Of Dangles His Infant Daughter

Igor Kravtasov, 35, from Moscow, Russia said he believes babies should be treated like monkeys after followers quizzed him on the stomach-churning vid.

His wife Darya Getmanskaya, 27, the girl’s mother, has been detained for ten days, too, after failing to intervene.

Social services are considering whether to strip the couple of their parental rights, say reports.

In the horrific clip, the dad whistles jovially as he jolts the baby around by one leg, making eye contact with the camera.

Russian childcare experts were horrified when the juggling footage went viral.

They said gyrating the tiny baby around upside down risks major health damage including a broken neck – but the father’s supporters have claimed his stunt was akin to baby yoga or infant gymnastics.

The child is now in a Sochi hospital undergoing medical checks.

Kravtasov admitted he had been “careless” with the child but added: “I have my own views on how to treat kids.

“If we look at little monkeys, they are very agile creatures.

“We are descended from monkeys, so we need to develop this activity in early childhood.

“This helps the correct formation of bones. Ligaments and joints become more mobile.”

Neonatologist Vera Pushkareva told Komsomolskaya Pravda: “In no case should a baby be shaken.

“When a person shakes a child violently, the unsecured head dangles.Weak neck muscles are not yet able to work properly.

“In addition, in babies the blood vessels are still imperfect. All this can provoke a haemorrhage.”

She warned: “Joints and bones in children are soft, and very violent shaking can lead to displacement of the vertebrae or lead to other problems.

“What the man did in the video is incomprehensible. He could have just broken her neck.”

But one Russian columnist, Zhanna Golubitskaya, said modern US and British childcare manuals recommended just such exercises with babies.

Originally published at The sun