A convenient platform for utility bills payments, Expanding its E-commerce Footprint and propelling digitization in the country,Daraz,


E-commerce Footprint, The leading platform for online shopping, has focused on innovative answers that will not only propel digitization in the country but also offer millions convenience in fulfilling routine tasks. The platform has launched dBills – a channel dedicated to the payment of electricity, water, telephone-internet and gas bills which will eliminate the need for Pakistanis to step outside of their houses to clear their dues.

The COVID19 pandemic has proven a catalyst for change and digital adoption in Pakistan with consumers relying on digital solutions for entertainment, to shop and to make payments.  Daraz is focused on offering innovative answers that offer millions convenience in fulfilling routine tasks. dBills allows customers to make payments using a variety of digital payment methods including credit cards and offers discounts up to PKR 500. Daraz has simplified the payment process so customers can easily open their Daraz app, enter their details and make their payment. The platform has partnered up with NADRA to ensure that customers across the country are able to avail the channel.

“Customer-centric innovation remains the driving force at Daraz and over the past few months, we have focused more keenly on offering our users digital solutions for different areas of life. We are confident that dBills will revolutionize utility bill payments in Pakistan while offering unprecedented ease to millions of Pakistanis.” said Riaz Ali, Regional Head of Digital Channel at Daraz.

E-commerce Footprint, The launch of dBills has been preceded by the launch of dTravel through which customers have easy and immediate access to online bus tickets for intercity travel. The channel serves as a unique one-stop solution as it allows customers to browse routes, timings and prices from different bus services, eliminating the need for customers to visit different digital platforms to search for tickets that suit their preferences. Earlier this year, Daraz also launched Daraz First Games – an immersive free online gaming platform that provided users entertainment and helped them connect digitally with friends during a period of social distancing along with dMart the online grocery shopping solution to help people stay safe and order their daily essentials online.

Daraz is confident that the new channels will help spur on digitization in the country and ensure that digital solutions become an integral part in the lives of millions of Pakistanis.