Monster Energy confirms its Xbox promotion Despite Halo Infinite delay

Despite Halo Infinite’s delay, Monster Energy confirms that its Xbox promotion will carry on as planned, offering players free XP and other prizes.

Monster Energy confirms its Xbox promotion Despite Halo Infinite delay

Halo Infinite’s release may have been put on hold until next year, but a previously planned promotion with Monster Energy will proceed as scheduled.

Specially-marked cans of the popular sports drink have already reached store shelves, even before the game they are promoting had an actual release date.

Things have gotten even messier now that Halo Infinite has been delayed until some unspecified period in 2021 after fans reacted poorly to developer 343 Industries’ nearly eight-minute-long gameplay video at last month’s Xbox Games Showcase.

The decision was made after much deliberation from Microsoft, with the company first considering releasing Halo Infinite in installments before instead holding the game back to allow for more polish and fine-tuning.

However, it seems that certain aspects of the game’s marketing will carry on as usual, despite Infinite not actually arriving for at least five more months at the earliest.

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In a statement, Monster Energy confirmed that its Halo Infinite promotion will continue despite the game itself being delayed.

As a result, limited-edition cans of Monster will still be available in convenience stores from now until December 31, providing players who purchase them free Double XP points and exclusive content for use when Infinite does launch next year.

Certain participants will also have a chance to win special prizes, like a “zero gravity” trip in Paris, France and one of 200 Xbox Series X Consoles.

Monster Energy is excited to partner again with Microsoft and the launch of Halo Infinite to pump up our consumers for its anticipated release,” Monster Beverage Corporation CMO Daniel McHugh explained during today’s press docket.

We are always looking to unlock the best user experiences for Monster Energy’s consumers and believe our partnership with Halo Infinite will amplify that experience for all program participants.

Despite its divisive reception among fans so far, Halo Infinite remains one of the Xbox Series X’s most anticipated quasi exclusives.

Players who were looking forward to the game have been refreshingly civil in regards to its postponement, expressing their hope that the extra time will lead to a better end product by posting memes of Craig The Brute, who is himself a symbol of Infinite’s troubled development and a sort of Xbox mascot in his own right.

While it might seem bizarre that Monster is still running a hype campaign that will end months before the game it is meant to promote releases, it does make a bit of sense from a business standpoint.

The Halo Infinite Monster cans have already been printed and sent to participating stores, meaning that it might be more cost-effective to simply let the promotion run than recall everything, especially since there’s nothing particularly problematic about it.

Nonetheless, fans can now stock up on XP points for Halo Infinite ahead of the game’s release next year by buying specially-marked cans of Monster Energy Drink from now until December 2020.

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