Fortnite has us returning to an older Chapter 2 location for a challenge this week, as it’s asking us to stoke three campfire at Camp Cod.


Players will remember that Camp Cod was one of the more interesting locations on the map when it first arrived, given that it seemed like it was home to The Visitor, a survivor from the Chapter 1 map, and there are a bunch of souvenirs all over the island that are remnants of Chapter 1 locations and events. But for now, all we need to do is to hunt down three campfires to light.

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As a refresher, Camp Cod is an unnamed location in the very south east of the map, a pretty big island in its own right. Here’s a map of Camp Cod with the locations of the three campfires you’ll want to light and stoke.

There is a campfire right in the middle of the island near a tent and some chairs, an actual campsite.

There is a campfire a little ways east of that where there are some chairs around one near the fence of the shooting/range junkyard.

Also in that area at the very north east of the island there is a campfire at the edge of the stone dock behind the building.

You need to light them, and you will need 30 wood each to stoke them, which is how you get healing from them and complete this challenge. Fortunately there are a ton of trees everywhere on the island, so this should not be terribly difficult. But since this challenge has just gone live, your biggest problem may be other people trying to do the same thing, so this may turn into a mini battle royale island where the winner gets to stoke all the campfires.

I don’t think you have to do all three fires in one match or do all different fires, so if you die, you can return to the same one. The dock one is hardest to find, so your best bet might be landing directly on that one, and then looting the building next to it. Hopefully this guide gave you a leg up on that aspect at least.

That’s all she wrote for this challenge, and hopefully we have some more interesting ones next week. I also kind of hope that Camp Cod develops into a more important POI over time, as it’s our last real connection to the old map, minus the named locations that carried over

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