Samsung Leaks Galaxy S21 Gaming performance Upto 2.5x Snapdragon 865

Snapdragon 865, Samsung will soon launch its most exciting Galaxy smartphone of the year. But you might want to skip it after reading this.

Samsung Leaks Galaxy S21 Gaming performance Upto 2.5x Snapdragon 865

Snapdragon 865 In a new exclusive, the always-excellent SamMobile has revealed the first details about Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 range and YouTuber Mauri QHD has flagged what we already know will be its game-changing upgrade.

Breaking things down, SamMobile says most of what they learned about the Galaxy S21 range will come as no surprise: three models, just like the Galaxy S10 and S20 lineups before it, 5G across the board (with some regional 4G-only options) and 128/256GB storage options as standard. So far so standard, but here’s the head turner: what drives them.

Thanks to Samsung’s own leaked benchmarks, we know the chipset inside the Galaxy S21 is potentially transformative. Based on Samsung’s own roadmap, this is understood to be a Exynos 1000 made in conjunction with AMD using a custom Radeon GPU. And those benchmarks? Gaming performance delivered up to 2.5x the performance of a Snapdragon 865. That’s a multi-generational improvement and means it not only leaves every rival Android smartphone eating its dust, but every iPhone as well.

Of course, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will launch in just a few weeks and it is no slouch coming with a Snapdragon 865+, a tweaked version of the 865. It also has an industry-first LPTO display and some essential camera changes. That said, it looks set to be priced close to $1,400 while the $1,000 entry-level Note 20 looks like a dumpster fire you should avoid.

Yes, I expect the Galaxy S21 range will also be expensive but, if you can only afford a Note 20 at this point in time, my advice would be to wait for the S21’s arrival in February. If Samsung’s final product can live up to its early benchmarks, then you will be glad you did.

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