Snapchat Launches In-app Meditation Experience With Headspace To Mitigate Stress And Anxiety

Snapchat is launching in in-app meditation experience with Headspace, a meditation app often used to help mitigate stress and anxiety. 

Snapchat Launches In-app Meditation Experience With Headspace To Mitigate Stress And Anxiety

By Snapchat

The feature will include expert resources related to emotional and physical well being for users during the pandemic and beyond.

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Why it matters: Snapchat’s core user base is under 30 years old, and many are coping with missing out on school, sports and socialization thanks to COVID-19.

Details: The feature, which will roll out to Snapchatters this week, will also include daily meditations and tools for users to check in with their friends.

  • In a statement, Snapchat says that the features were informed by research conducted late last year into how Snapchatters and their friends experience mental health. They found that its younger audience base tends to consult their friends first about mental health issues, before their parents.
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Be smart: The partnership is also one of Snapchat’s early testing grounds for its new “Minis” features, which allows developers to integrate their apps and tools within conversations on Snapchat that allow users to interact more closely.

  • Using Minis, Snapchat friends can coordinate within the app to share activities, like meditation or purchases.
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The big picture: Snapchat has been expanding its focus on health and wellbeing this year. It expedited the launch of its health and wellness initiative in order to address its users’ growing anxiety about the coronavirus.

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