10 Emojis That Perfectly Capture Our Mood: World Emoji Day

It’s World Emoji Day, and we take this day to express our gratitude to these round little faces that help us express a myriad of emotions, where words and language often fail us.

Whether it is joy, love, sadness, anger, emojis can convey our state of mind well. This year though – as all of us know and can’t ignore even if we wished to – things have been monumentally different. In no other year have emojis played a more crucial role in expressing our feelings, considering our dependence on technology to communicate with everyone – from our bosses to our grandmothers. And while we are grateful for all the emojis that exist, we feel we could do with a few more. Here’s a list of ten that we feel we really need.

In a year redefined by a pandemic, we start with the COVID-19 emojis we definitely need. First, for all the corona warriors out there – those on the frontline, doctors, nurses, cops and all the essential workers who are helping fight corona, this one’s for the heroes.

Next, for those testing negative and positive, here are two emojis for you. If you’ve undergone a test and no matter the result don’t want to talk much about it, we got you covered with these emojis.

As we live through the pandemic, we need two emojis to represent what our lives have become all about – social distancing and zoom calls. So presenting the zoom call emoji and the social distancing emoji.

And if all the social distancing has left you with cabin fever and you don’t want to type out your state of mind, here are two emojis to tell the world exactly how you feel.

Moving on, coronavirus has changed quite a few things around the world, but one thing remains constant – Indian politics. Governments stand, governments fall, one party today, another party tomorrow. To the constant drama that is Indian Politics, here’s an emoji that can enjoy a long shelf-life.

And some other things that should remain constant, in our humble opinion – the right to raise one’s voice against oppression, the freedom to protest against injustice and the right to dissent. A dissent emoji for when you’ve had enough.

And finally, the one thing that will always be true, doesn’t discriminate, get deterred by a pandemic and will always stand the test of time – love is love. For putting pride back in love, here’s an emoji celebrating our diversity and freedom to choose who we love.

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