The Community Development Authority CDA in Dubai, in cooperation with the United Nations International Children’s Fund UNICEF and the Ministry of education, has revealed the launch of a new initiative called ‘Safe Summer,’ a creative.

Virtual campaign that looks to target children, parents and the youth and make them more aware about the importance of child safety and protection, especially from physical and psychological harm.

The innovative campaign uses a selection of booklets, short stories, virtual activities and specially developed games to help educate children about their safety and protection while also keeping them entertained during the summer vacation.

According to the CDA, the ‘Safe Summer’ booklet features informative material such as nutrition and safety guidelines; tips on how to keep your child protected and ways on how to further boost your child’s immune system. It also includes articles for parents to read covering important topics like how to ensure the psychological wellbeing of children and promoting positive energy at homes, among others.

Aside from the booklet, the CDA will also be handing out a selection of short stories and coloring books that have been created to educate children about their rights, how to report cases of abuse and how to ask for help and protection.

Ayesha Ahmad Al Marri, Director of Studies & International Cooperation-Human Rights Sector, at CDA said UNICEF, “Being asked to stay at home and the growing preference towards distance learning have prompted us to seek alternative solutions that can best suit our target audience–while also making sure that preventive measures like social distancing are properly observed and followed.

Children remain the most affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as they are urged to stay indoors–not being allowed to play outdoors and interact with friends. We understand the psychological impact that these orders have made on children today and we remain fully committed in coming up with strategic solutions that can keep them pre-occupied and entertained.”

To ensure that their intended messages will reach a larger audience of parents and their children, the CDA is implementing the campaign in partnership with the Dubai Educational Zone and private schools operating in the emirate. In line with the campaign UNICEF, the CDA will be distributing informative materials and booklets through the use of smart educational apps. Moreover, awareness messages will be posted and dispatched across sports & community clubs, children centres and people of determination facilities, throughout the summer season.

“The month of July marks the beginning of an unusual summer vacation, which is due to the preventive measures that have been implemented to protect the health and safety of the community, particularly the children. We remain confident that our ‘Safe Summer’ campaign will keep children entertained–teaching them useful activities to promote their health and protection, especially during these trying times,” concluded Al Marri.

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