DRAP Needs to Take Emergency measure Regarding Covid 19 Vaccine

 Renowned scientist and PM’s Task Force on Science and Technology Dr Attaur Rahman on Thursday said Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) needs to take emergency measures regarding approval of conducting clinical trials.

DRAP Needs to Take Emergency measure Regarding Covid 19 Vaccine

“The application for conducting clinical trials of this vaccine produced by a well acclaimed international company was submitted to DRAP for approval. The clinical trials of that vaccine have been done internationally,” he said during an interview on Thursday.

He said: “We are in contact with several international companies for vaccine production after which one of the major international companies agreed to conduct clinical trials of their vaccination in Pakistan.”

Dr Atta, who is also the chairman of PM’s Task Force on Coronavirus, said that DRAP was expected to give approval of clinical trials of this vaccine within two weeks.

Clinical trials will be conducted in our supervision soon after approval.” He said. It takes three to four months to complete clinical trials of a vaccine and hopefully, if DRAP grants approval within two weeks, trials can be completed within the next four months.

If the results of these trials are positive, then the mass production of the vaccine can be started and be available by December.

This news was originally published at tribune.com.pk

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