MSI Launches A New Gaming Experience, Optix G32CQ4 Curved Monitor

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as playing a game on a big monitor, and MSI latest contender, the G32CQ4, should be good for satisfying your inner child.

MSI Launches A New Gaming Experience, Optix G32CQ4 Curved Monitor


This new display comes in at a walloping 32-inches, and packs a high refresh rate and resolution fitting for gaming.

Typically, you would like a 32-inch monitor to feature a 4K panel, but GPUs haven’t yet come far enough to support 4K gaming at high refresh rates, which is why it’s not such a bad thing that the G32CQ4 comes with a QHD (2560 x 1440) pixel resolution.

With about 4-million pixels to push, higher-end graphics cards will be able to get close to its 165 Hz refresh rate, offering buttery-smooth gaming on the big screen. But, if you really do want 4K and don’t mind a lower refresh rate, perhaps the MAG321CURV is more for you.

The panel is built on VA technology, which will land you an impressive 3000:1 static contrast ratio, though peak brightness is limited to 250 nits. The panel is curved at 1500R (1.5-meters to center), and supports AMD Freesync to reduce stuttering and tearing. 

Being a VA panel, it comes with quite alright color reproduction, covering 114.8 percent of the sRGB space and 91.43 percent of DCI-P3. The display’s stand supports swivel and tilt adjustments.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

All things considered, MSI Optix G32CQ4 offers a compelling, budget-friendly big-screen gaming package. It doesn’t fill the high-brightness, HDR or full array of stand adjustment checkboxes, but this just means it should come in at a friendlier price, as is the goal of MSI’s C4 line of gaming displays.

No official word on US pricing yet, but we have spotted a pre-release listing for the display in Europe with a price tag of €449, so expect a similar figure in the US.

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