Banning or unbanning PUBG is a hot debate these days, After PTA’s temporarily restriction on the game, the whole country is split up,

The internationally renowned video game Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) has been temporarily banned in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA on first of July.

The reason stated behind the whole scenario is that two children committed suicide over not being allowed to play the game and another young person dying while playing the game. The whole country is split up according to their own personal opinions. Many believe that this was done greatly in the favor of the nation while others have to say that this was an atrocious decision that will soon lead to seriously dire consequences for everyone.

Social media platforms have been stormed with people who showcase their skills in the game.  Pakistani pro PUBG player Jawad Ali, currently runs his YouTube channel from the United Kingdom. He stated that, “In the course of four months of me showing my PUBG games to everyone, I gained 147 thousand subscribers all around the world.

This was a huge way of people showing their feedback and support for the game and those who play it.” PUBG gameplay videos are constantly seen to be trending on YouTube. Players and celebrities all around the world can be seen playing the game either in a recorded video or even live.

The modern world is one where anyone can get to sell their skills to the whole world even while sitting at their homes. PUBG has garnered such a fan base that active economic participation has been seen in the game.

“People in Pakistan have been making a solid earning with the help of PUBG. They have their loyal fans who view them on all platforms of social media. These days all videos are monetized so the uploader gets to earn from people enjoying the video online. I know so many people personally who took after playing PUBG as their professional and passionate career. It just breaks my heart to think that they would get a bitter taste of the harsh realities of life”, tells Solo King.

E-Sports have been getting the same reputation such as all other contemporary forms of sports. Several international PUBG tournaments have been held in which players from almost every country compete for the prize. “Pakistan gained a very respectful place at international platforms due to the performance of its PUBG players. Team Freestyle from Pakistan has won the International PUBG tournament and have competed in other well reputed events.

This is a very new way of showing patriotism and collecting the respect for one’s own country”, said Solo King. Well-known brands such as Mountain Dew (PepsiCo) have also sponsored numerous Unbanning PUBG tournaments in Pakistan that received a tremendous amount of participation from people. Many gaming tournaments have also been arranged by Solo King in coordination with major brands and sponsors, the Pakistani E-sports community keenly looks forward and participates in such sort of events.

People have been using the game as an alternate way of spending all the spare time they have at hand due to the current global situation. Staying at home was made easier for many due to the past time activity offered by PUBG. Solo King says, “It is known to everyone that Pakistan is one of the top porn consuming countries of the world. PUBG gave people a fun way to spend their free time while not being involved in any immoral or shameful act. If that is taken away from people, it cannot be imagined what notorious activities people will get into. The main focus is on the youth of the country”.

The deaths that are acclaimed as being due to PUBG have not been properly investigated by the forensic authorities. “The suicides are a very sad event but the mental health of those children was not monitored by their patients or else this could have been avoided. The other case of the death is very vaguely attached to Unbanning PUBG. There could have been many other medical or drugs related reasons to that mortality. The sadness of these deaths cannot be over shadowed but the true reasons behind those must be brought to the public”, shared Jawad.

Many supporters of the ban on the game hold the opinion that it is a reckless way of spending hard earned money on things such as player skins and accessories. Solo King adds, “There is no fee or mandatory spending required to play the game Unbanning PUBG. It is free for everyone to play. It is pretty ridiculous to be angry at people who spend their money on the game. No one gets this much backlash on buying a nice cricket bat for them to play with. I really don’t see the difference in both the cases”.

The discussion whether PUBG should be allowed or not in the country has a lot of grey areas that need to be discussed rather than seeing what can be gathered from the surface. The fate of the game in Pakistan still hangs in the balance as the government decides to permanently ban the game or lift the currently implemented temporary ban.

Originally Publish at: https://dailytimes.com.pk/