Voice over IP, best business choice in 2020

Voice over IP, In the world of today, nearly everyone is striving hard to minimize expenses and increase profits. Well, that’s the ultimate goal of any business.

Voice over IP, best business choice in 2020

Voice over IP, To aid you in this, VoIP UK has done a remarkable job over the past few years. It has paved the way for businesses to flourish beyond reach and measure. However, with greater successes come great responsibilities, and one of them is to keep things under control.

Communication is and has always been a major concern in developing companies, and many companies are working all day and night to overcome this problem. VoIP has particularly played its role in this regard.

VoIP is another word for Voice over Internet Protocol. Its name, however, states that its Voice over IP, but it is not only Voice but Multimedia as well. It involves transferring small packets over the internet, whether in the form of voice, video, or any documents. The delay in the emails or calls is no longer a problem because Voice over IP phones work in a matter of nanosecond, and within the blink of an eye, the information reaches the other end.

Its installation is so simple, yet efficient that you have to have an internet connection only that must already be present in your business premises. The next thing you know is that you are in safe hands!

Services offered by VoIP

VoIP offers a wide variety of services that have stayed a fantasy for the business world for a long time, and only companies with large revenues were able to have them at their expense. VoIP has made the royal features available for your small business as well.

Private Branch Exchange

Private Branch Exchange or PBX is an exchange system that helps to route numerous calls simultaneously via multiple lines to your business exchange without having any of them missed. It can handle the calls both internally and with the outside as well. It provides you the flexibility of work, time, and space.

Few advantages of PBX are

Call Waiting

This amazing feature allows you to put the calls on waiting for a minute or so rather than having them call you again. It also allows you to prioritize the important calls that you want to take on a preferential basis.

Call Forwarding

With the growth of the business, many new departments are formed, which need to be super connected for efficient working. With this feature of VoIP UK, you can directly transfer or forward the call to the concerned department.

Or even when you are not available, you can forward your call to your representative!

Call Queuing

Getting a large number of calls at once? No worries, VoIP has got it fixed for you. Queue up the calls and deal with them one by one.

Call History

VoIP is also giving you full access to the call details record (CDR). It tells you about the duration of the call, the timing of the call, and the number with the location from where it was received. VoIP also does the recording of every phone call that you take, without noticing you or the other person.

SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is responsible for the maintenance and initiation of calls. It converges all calls to the PBX, which then routes them to different phone lines.

SIP is providing you an advantage in a number of ways.

It provides you scalability allowing you to manage calls and their capacity according to your need and the bandwidth of your internet connection.

  • SIP Trunks provide you the flexibility to work around the globe.
  • It is cost-effective, providing you to call at the minimum rates.
  • SIP trunking does not require infrastructure. Hence it is user-friendly!

You cannot control disasters, can you?

For this obvious reason, everyone tries to keep himself safe from the hazards that they can bring your way. VoIP services have launched a Disaster Management System that saves and records all the data into an alternate IP address and then reroutes the calls back to the local numbers.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

VoIP companies have collaborated with CRMs such as Microsoft, Pipedrive, Zendesk, and Bullhorn to provide you an amazing and seamless experience! Some companies have collaborations with certain devices such as Alcatel and Huawei as well. Thus, it’s a complete package for your business.

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