The COVID-19 coronavirus may have made many people more conscious about what they touch or hold but not everyone may give their UV sanitizers for smartphones a second thought in that regard.

Almost like extensions of ourselves, most of us probably take for granted how our electronic companions can also become havens and carriers of disease-causing bacteria. Not all common methods of cleaning surfaces may be safe for smartphones which is why ZAGG brands mophie and InvisibleShield have come out with portable solutions to sanitize phones, keys, and even credit cards safely.

Ultraviolet light has entered mainstream attention due to the need for safe methods to kill germs and bacteria, often without damaging materials. UV-C, in particular, is being advertised as a UV wavelength that’s safe for use on smartphones and other small objects. mophie’s and InvisibleShield’s sanitizers use that very same wavelength to kill bacteria on phones placed inside these sanitation boxes.

Both products have a similar look and feel, opening up like scanners or containers for phones and other items. They use multiple UV-C bulbs to kill common surface bacteria and are powered via USB cables that allow you to connect to any power source whether at home or in the office.

Both can support any phone up to 6.9 inches in size but can also be used to sanitize non-porous objects like keys or credit cards. mophie’s UV Sanitizer, however, has a bonus feature that allows you to wireless charge your phone on the lid while cleaning other items inside.

The products won’t be able to kill the COVID-19 virus, of course, or most viruses for that matter. They do, however, at least help in stopping other harmful elements from complicating matters by weakening your immune system. The mophie UV Sanitizer and wireless charger is available for $79.95 while the InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer goes for only $59.99.

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