There will be partial solar eclipse in Pakistan

The partial solar eclipse in Pakistan will be seen in the federal capital Islamabad as well as in the coastal areas of Balochistan, northern Sindh and southern Punjab.

There will be partial solar eclipse in Pakistan

There will be a partial solar eclipse in Pakistan most parts on Sunday. According to the Meteorological Department, the eclipse will be visible in different parts of Pakistan on June 21 between 9 am and 1 pm and this time the eclipse is likely to be deeper than December 26, 2019.

The eclipse in Karachi will start at 9:26 am and will reach its peak at 10:59 am, while the eclipse in Karachi will end at 12:46 pm. The eclipse in Lahore will start at 9:48 am while the highest eclipse will take place at 11:02 am. The eclipse in Lahore will end at 1:10 pm.

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In addition, the solar eclipse in Islamabad will start at 9:50 am, the eclipse will be at its peak at 11:25 am and will end at 1:06 pm. The eclipse will be similar in Peshawar, Gilgit, Quetta, Gwadar, Sukkur and Muzaffarabad. Apart from Pakistan, eclipses will also be seen in China, northern India and some African countries.

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A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, causing the sun to disappear in full or in part. In this case, the shadow of the moon falls on the earth. Since the distance of the sun from the earth is 400 times greater than the distance of the moon from the earth and the circumference of the sun is also 400 times greater than the circumference of the moon, so at the time of eclipse takes.

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Eclipses cannot always be seen in every region, so some people, including scientists, travel long distances to observe eclipses in the eclipsed region. A total solar eclipse can recur in an area about 370 years later and lasts for a maximum of seven minutes and forty seconds. However, partial eclipses can be observed several times a year.

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