Injustice 2, Ranking Every Superman Skin

Injustice 2’s Superman provides the DC character with a variety of skins. Here are all of his skins, ranked from worst to best.

Injustice 2, Ranking Every Superman Skin

No one does character customization in fighting games quite like NetherRealm Studios. Known mostly for their blood and gore in Mortal Kombat, they also take the chance to be quite the fashionistas in their games. Offering an assortment of skins and accessories for all of their characters in their recent games, which includes Injustice 2.

Taking the reins away from bone-crushing violence to superhero action, NetherRealm studios took the time and effort to provide an impressive number of skins for each of the DC heroes. Some of them are standard color alterations and others are references to the character’s history. With no hero as prolific as Superman in the DC universe, let’s rank his batch of skins.

This skin was made originally as a tribute to Superman’s twisted clone. While a great costume in its own right, it falls into obscurity as a victim of circumstance. There is a better reference to the character in a later skin.

It’s a great name but not the best costume. Replacing the blue with bronze on his costume just doesn’t quite fit his character and doesn’t mesh well with the red on his chest. The color of the cape isn’t doing him any favors, either.

Simply put, they overdid it. The costume itself would be passable in most situations, but the shining eyes are a bit too much. While it is no secret that Superman can make his eyes glow with his heat vision, this holy variant tries far too hard to make him look powerful, and it instead comes off as cheesy.

A Daxamite Superhero who gets its inspiration from Superboy, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Superboy’s replacement, and many other things, Mon-El has a long history in DC Comics. His history is so extensive, that they included a costume that references him in Injustice 2.

Unfortunately, the reference doesn’t make the outfit look good. The red comes across a bit too strong when compared to the blues, so much so, that it’s hard for a person’s eyes to focus on a single spot.

This is an outfit inspired by Superman’s dad. The benevolent scientist of Krypton, he was the only one that saw its impending destruction. He then did his utmost to save his planet, and when that failed, he did his utmost to save his son.

This skin is the tournament variation of the character. It comes with gold accents that are meant to be put on the grand stage, and for the most part, the outfit pulls it off.

Thankfully, it isn’t overbearing. This skin avoids the tendency for gold outfits to be far too gaudy.

This outfit comes in a shade of red that avoids the pitfalls of the previous Mon-El outfit. The softer blue color allows someone to focus on the stronger reds that run along his boots, his symbol, and his cape.

Overall, the skin comes together in something that is far more pleasant for the eyes.

Referencing the Godfall storyline from the 2000s comics, this takes inspiration from the new outfit that Clark decided to wear during that run.

Black and red are usually considered a good match, but gray and red is a great substitute. Each color wonderfully complements the other in this costume.

This skin harkens back to the good old red and blues of the traditional Superman costume. This costume is the most associated with Superman during his entire crimefighting career and is his standard skin in the game.

Truthfully, it is hard to hate on a classic, especially since Injustice does the outfit, well, justice.

This skin is his Truth and Justice skin, but a whole lot shinier. It gives him the appearance of a righteous lord looked up upon as a God-like figure by his people.

This skin is his Truth and Justice skin, but a whole lot shinier. It gives him the appearance of a righteous lord looked up upon as a God-like figure by his people.

This isn’t too far off by how he is portrayed in the Injustice universe. However, this outfit lacks the more ruthless undertones typically associated with the portrayal.

Clark can pull off white much better than his friend Bruce can. This one goes especially well with his more villainous role in the game.

The combination of pure white and silver give him an air of being the one in charge, with the roles of judge, jury, and executioner going exclusively to him.

This is another skin that goes well with Superman as the antagonist. Much like the last one, this version of Kal-El has more of an edge. Though this one leans more towards being a fallen hero than an evil overlord.

The white upon a mostly grey suit immediately jumps out at the viewer, drawing their attention to the symbol on his chest. It is as if trying to draw a contrast between the Superman of the past and present.

This is the last of the villainous skins of Superman. This color combination goes full Negaverse with the character as if drawing him from a deep and dark universe where only evil reigns.

Then again, being called the Demon skin might be a good clue of where they tried to go with this color combo. It definitely doesn’t look like the friendly Superman that appears in most comics.

This is not just a skin; it is a whole different character. The premier skin goes several steps beyond just a simple color change to make the character fundamentally different and to introduce new lines to their opening dialogues.

From top to bottom, right down to the reversed “S” on his chest, it is one hundred percent Bizarro. His skins, oddly enough, claim both the worst and best picks on this list.

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