Saba, the brave woman who arrested the robbers with the help of Facebook, came to light

Lahore (APP latest news -15 Jun 2020) Facebook helped the robbers arrested, a brave woman scene of agyy.tfsylat common Lahore brave girl in Facebook two robbers who entered the house with the help of the police hands He was arrested . Two dacoits entered a house in Faisal Town police station area of Lahore with the intention of looting.

While Saba was upstairs in the house, she heard the voices of the family resisting the robbers. The woman closed the door of her room and shared the status on Facebook that the robbers had entered my house. Saba’s friends and After reading the post of other relatives, he informed the police about the incident on the helpline, after which a heavy contingent of police reached the spot and cordoned off the house.

Half an hour of talks, the two say lya.jb enter robbers arrested in that case that brave woman closed the door of his room after listening to the voices of the robbers and immediately book the incoming event with the Shared. Because it never occurred to me to call the police helpline 15. They said they kept knocking on my room door but I didn’t open it.

All I had in my heart was to somehow protect my family from robbers. When my friends saw my status, they reported it to the police. Shortly after, the police arrived and surrounded our house and robbed us . The incident was foiled and the robbers were arrested. According to SP Faisal Town, the SHO cordoned off the house and held talks with the robbers and after half an hour of talks, the robbers agreed to make an arrest.