Behaviour Interactive has quite recently announced their collaboration with Konami by bringing Silent Hill into Dead by Daylight–or, more specifically, Silent Hill’s terrifying antagonist, Pyramid Head.

Although it seems like the announcement was just made yesterday, the time has flown by, and players can almost see Pyramid Head hunting them down in a frightening nightmare, adamant on slaying them.

Or since Dead by Daylight allows you to play as the killer, some are pretty excited to cause some havoc as the infamous villain.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Pyramid Head will be arriving in the survival horror game tomorrow, June 17, and Behaviour Interactive has even posted a little teaser trailer on the game’s official Twitter account.

Besides Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, the new chapter of the survival game will also include a new character: Cheryl Mason.

Mason will be a new survivor that players could control.

The new chapter will also bring a new map, which is the Midwich Elementary School, which adds to the challenge of hiding or hunting down survivors in a new environment.

All of those will be available tomorrow once the new chapter of Dead by Daylight drops.Dead by Daylight✔@DeadByBHVR

The clock is ticking, get ready! The Silent Hill chapter is coming tomorrow. #SilentHill #DBD #DeadbyDaylight

Adding More Diverse Characters in the Future

Furthermore, Behaviour Interactive also announced recently that they would be more conscious about the game’s lore moving forward, and this is all in the name of inclusion and diversity.

Bounding Into Comics noted that this means characters in the future will have a more diverse sexual orientation.

In a statement posted on the game’s social media account, the developers wrote, “In the past, we’ve mentioned that we didn’t aim to give a sexual orientation to our characters. The idea was to let players create their own narrative and identify themselves to the character they most related to.”

“Now that Dead by Daylight’s lore is getting more and more detailed, we realized that we didn’t stay true to this vision. We did set our character’s preferences in the past, notably in heterosexual relationships,” they added.

They went on to say that they do recognize that it does not reflect their original position any longer. As the game’s lore is becoming more detailed and continues to evolve, they are reviewing their position and their plans.

They also thanked their supporters for their feedback and questions with regards to the characters’ diversity.

Behaviour Interactive’s Promise

They concluded the note and said that Dead by Daylight is an “inclusive game” and that the developers are always improving their “reflect those values in our game” and that they will be adding more of these diverse characters in the game in the future.

As the devs add more characters in the game, they often add backstories or descriptions, but these were usually short and vague and still creates an air of mystery around each character, whether a monster or a survivor.

Nevertheless, that might change soon as they provide more details about the characters and the game’s lore.

Dead by Daylight is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android devices.

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