The 45th president is known for his petty ways and now it appears that the people are giving him a taste of his own medicine. As Donald Trump celebrates his 74th birthday today, Social Media Celebrates ‘Obama Day.

people on social media felt it would be the perfect day to actually celebrate our 44th president, Barack Obama.

June 14h was unofficially deemed “Obama Day’s” on social media and people celebrated by trolling Trump with the hashtags “Obama Appreciation Day,” “Obama Day’s USA” and “All Birthdays Matter.”

Not soon after the hashtags began trending Sunday, people took to the comment sections under Trump’s photos on his official IG page to celebrate Obama. The comment sections under Trump’s pics have been limited but it didn’t stop people from getting in what they could.

Even a few celebrities and politicians joined the party and tweeted messages of praise for Barack Obama while calling out Trump.

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