Nokia Phones, in the early and late 2000s, made some incredible phones with designs that can be described as iconic. We instantly recognise them even if we saw it twenty years later.

However, there were some equally cringe phones launched by Nokia that were just an eyesore. 

While this is our list of the weirdest phones launched by Nokia in the past, do let us know in the comments whether you liked these phones or have suggestions of your own:

1. Nokia 3650

The Nokia 3650 wasn’t particularly an ergonomic phone neither pretty to look at. It was just weird and the phone was supposed to be a ‘business’ phone as well. 

It was also very heavy because of the larger battery and had a very weird rounded bottom. The keypad layout is by far the strangest thing we’ve seen by Nokia that resembled a rotary landline phone. 

Using this phone wasn’t particularly fun nor easy which makes this phone a part of this list. 

2. Nokia 3200

Yet another phone that had a strange keypad design and awful colours that didn’t really appeal to everyone. The keypad was laid out in a square sequence where two buttons were joined together which wasn’t a great idea. 

Thankfully, you could get rid of the weird colours with an interchangeable cover to make the phone look more presentable 

3. Nokia 5510 

The Nokia 5510 was meant for people who loved to text and stay connected with their friends and family. It had a QWERTY keyboard that was present all over the phone which, in turn, made it look extremely ugly to look at it. 

Ergonomically, the phone did not have any grooves or curves for the fingers to rest and was quite heavy to use. Users would also have to hold the phone flat to their face as the ear speaker was placed at the bottom right of the device when holding in landscape mode. 

4. Nokia 7600

The Nokia 7600 was particularly an odd phone by the Finnish company as it didn’t really adhere to any phone design. 

The teardrop-shaped phone was more like a small box and make it impossible to use with one hand. Calling was always difficult and the keypad layout was very unconventional. Nokia definitely missed the mark with this one. 

5. Nokia N-Gage

Although we’re big fans of the second iteration of the phone, the original N-Gage was a disaster because the phone design was not completely thought through. 

The phone was targeted towards Gameboy Advance users who wanted a gaming phone. The odd thing about this phone was that the phone had to be held on its 90-degree edge to make calls that made everyone look like an idiot in public. 

This led to Nokia redesigning the phone and launching the N-Gage QD later on.

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