Consider reviving the “Bluetooth feature” to verify Twitter accounts

Silicon Valley The microblogging site Twitter is seriously considering reviving its popular “Bluetooth feature” feature to verify user accounts.

The social networking site Twitter is considered to be very popular and authoritative among the people and properties in which users can convey their message to others through short posts ie “micro-blogging”. Unlike Facebook or Instagram Bluetooth feature, Twitter places more emphasis on writing than on photos or videos. The importance of Twitter can also be gauged from the fact that in addition to private and public institutions, many heads of state, including US President Donald Trump, have resorted to “tweets” on Twitter for important “official announcements”. Are

Unfortunately, like other social networking sites, Twitter has been flooded with fake accounts and fake accounts of heads of state, showbiz personalities and celebrities have been created which has led to a proliferation of misleading tweets which instead of the truth. Lies spread and it became impossible to confirm the news. A few years ago, Twitter management began verifying the accounts of its key users.Jane Manchun Wong@wongmjane

The user whose account is verified will have a blue tick, a “blue tick” indicating that the account is “verified.” And so other Twitter accounts with the same name would not deceive users or at least be careful. Many fake Twitter accounts were shut down for not being verified, but the Blue Tick feature was given priority in 2017 during the investigation of allegations of Twitter propaganda and influencing results during the presidential and parliamentary elections in many countries. Removed

Twitter has hinted at the resumption of the “Blue Tick” feature. One user tweeted a screenshot of the account verification request option and claimed that Twitter was working on it again. The Twitter administration did not deny the user’s claim but did say that it was “on hold” and that work was underway

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