HEC replaces Zoom online classes with an advanced service.

HEC replaces Zoom online classes with an advanced service of Microsoft.

HEC replaces Zoom online classes with an advanced service.

HEC replaces Zoom online classes with advanced services of Microsoft by deploying Teams for online lectures to promote education even in an era of a prevailing pandemic Covid-19. Microsoft has facilitated Pakistan with Teams spanning across more than 100 private and public universities of Pakistan. 

The trend of online classes in Pakistan came into existence when HEC called for ideas in order to address the impact of Covid-19 on education and research, as this pandemic has brought students in a position to take classes in safely in homes.

Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman for Higher Education Commission in Pakistan: “Our strong collaboration with Microsoft has spanned many areas including research innovation, capacity building, and of course the services provided by Office 365. The use of Teams will ease the transition for many of our members into innovative modes of educational delivery, and also help us address the future needs of our students in rapidly shifting employment markets”.

Microsoft has provided students with a virtual classroom environment and has brought ease with having no disruption in the learning process.

The app possesses tremendous features allowing students to experience realistic traits of a classroom. For instance, features like Whiteboard in Teams allow a live interactive environment, in which teachers can write allowing the students to synchronize the concepts.

Students also have the ability to mute, record, and share control which drives engagement. For assessments, educators are also able to easily create and grade quizzes in Teams using Microsoft Forms as well. 

Many industries are adapting to a new way of living, working, and learning. Microsoft’s commitment is centered on supporting educational institutions to maintain continuity through the provision of remote learning tools.

Apart from this, other important tools have been introduced in the education system such as Microsoft Flipgrid, a tool for educators that engages students through creating and sharing short videos. Flipgrid includes Immersive Reader, with tools that read text out loud and provides other reading assistance and accessibility features to help ensure all students can participate in the class lecture.

Students can also record their lectures, in case one misses the online lecture, by making use of Microsoft Streams. This gives them automatic access through their classroom channel on Teams. For the written work of students and having assignments and other class materials done , One Note  provides one repository where all materials are organized and easily accessible and students can place their classwork.

Hence currently when the world has fallen in the pitfall of a deadly virus, the education system is revived, temporarily, with the use of handy gadgets that allow the educators to experience innovative learning at their homes for the sake of their safety.

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