Microsoft is assisting HEC, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, in boosting the online learning.

Microsoft is assisting HEC, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, in boosting the online learning. To revive remote learning in a safe and secure environment under the current lockdown period. Microsoft has deployed Teams for online classes and interactions in more than 100 private as well as government universities.

The Chairman for Higher Education Commission in Pakistan, Dr Tariq Banuri, said: “The use of Teams will ease the transition for many of our members into innovative modes of educational delivery, and also help us address the future needs of our students in rapidly shifting employment markets”.

The Microsoft Teams app takes the candidates to a virtual classroom environment. Tests, quiz, assignments, projects, group discussions, exams and all other elements of education have been fully achieved via Microsoft applications.

Even many industries are interested in adapting to a new way of living, working, and learning. Microsoft’s commitment is based on supporting educational institutions to maintain continuity in the education of candidates and not let the present lockdown scenario stretch elongation of degree programs of candidates

Accessing the application is done via many devices these include PCs, mobile phones, laptops, tablet etc. As universities move to remote learning, Teams can provide an online classroom that brings together virtual face-to-face connections, assignments, exams, files and conversations into a single platform with the help of these. 

Microsoft has not stopped there yet but has launched many other tools that have been revolutionizing the education experience of educators and learners alike include that of Microsoft Flipgrid, a tool for educators that engages students through creating and sharing short videos. Flipgrid includes Immersive Reader, with tools that read text out loud to ensure all the students can take part in class.

Microsoft has also facilitated educators with a golden chance. For some reasons if one may be able to take online class, the online lecture recording gets stored in recording section of the app so that the educator can watch and learn with ease. 

“We are also acutely aware of the online safety for our students as they transition to this new way of learning. Microsoft Teams, as part of the Microsoft 365 service, follows all the security best practices and procedures such as service-level security through defense-in-depth, customer controls within the service, security hardening and operational best practices proactively protecting our customers from security threats”, added Jamshad.

Thus, digital revolution is an indisputable force reviving our industries. Microsoft is dedicated in working with HEC to provide exclusive quality education and learning that will improve experiences and education outcomes of the students in Pakistan.