The next level picture and sound quality of Quantum dot display 8k

Quantum dot display : When the first electronic television was invented in 1930 by american inventor philo taylor farnsworth he could never have imagined its evolution.

The next level picture and sound quality of Quantum dot display 8k

Television viewers now watch explosive fight scenes, sizzling steaks and song-and-dance routines on tvs that capture each frame in such incredibly intense detail, it’s like being there.

But thanks to technology, that’s the kind of viewing experience we demand today – the richest, sharpest, highest definition picture on the most cutting-edge screens that anyone at any time in history has ever enjoyed.

But just when you thought it was safe to settle back and enjoy movie marathons or your favourite reality tv shows, samsung brings us more ground-breaking technology.

Last year, the biggest selling tv brand in the world released the qled 8k television, a game-changer in the field of home entertainment which uses quantum dots to deliver more vibrant colours and detail.

Here’s how it works: tiny quantum dots form a layer in front of the led back-light, acting like a kind of filter and creating a much brighter picture than ordinary tv screens. That’s why every scene on a samsung qled 8k is amazingly vivid and real, providing more colours than the human eye can see, and doing it with greater precision. Think of it like 3d, but without the glasses!

If you want to get technical, the samsung qled 8k tv has four times as many pixels as a 4k television. Plus, thanks to unique machine learning, your tv can analyse any content it’s playing and automatically fill in the extra pixels to create a complete, higher resolution viewing experience.

Whether you love sports, gaming or tv/movies, you can enjoy the most technologically-enhanced viewing experience on a qled 8k television.

If you’re wondering just how much 8k tv content is actually out there, you’d be right. Currently, the 8k content in the market isn’t huge but it won’t be like that for long: both the new sony and xbox consoles launching this year will support 8k gaming, plus there’s the promise of lots of 8k content coming on stream soon.

Yet even without 8k content, the qled 8k will upscale any content being played so that whatever you’re watching will be enhanced. It’s this ‘near future ready’ picture quality that sets the qled 8k apart.

You can’t, of course, have a next-level picture with substandard sound. Thankfully, the clever designers at samsung have thought of that too: the qled 8k has explored the outer limits of sound innovation technology, utilising the object tracking sound feature to literally ‘follow’ the action by moving across the surface of the tv. So, for example, a helicopter flying left to right across the tv will be tracked by sound across the screen in that direction.

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