COMSTECH afoot online Seminar On COVID-19

COMSTECH organized an online seminar on COVID-19, titled “Pakistan Randomized and Observational Trial to Evaluate Corona virus Treatment (PROTECT)”

COMSTECH afoot online Seminar On COVID-19

COMSTECH, the Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) recently organized an online International seminar resting on the subject matter “Pakistan Randomized and Observational Trial to Evaluate Corona virus Treatment (PROTECT)”.

The seminar is planned to be held on coming Friday at 3:00 PM via Zoom session in which Prof. Dr. Ghazna Khalid Siddiqui will play the part of key speaker delivering lecture.

The session is divided in sections of online lectures to be delivered by internationally adept and acclaimed experts on the subject of COVID-19 and the present health scenario in the world.

The target objective of these online meetings is to elaborate the need and present experience of running PROTECT clinical trial in Pakistan. Secondly, exploring ways to further extend this trial to some other OIC member states as a plan to develop effective therapies fighting Corona virus.

Apart from this, these online meetings envision for more developed Public Health and Health Sciences in Pakistan and the other OIC states. Scientists, Academicians, researchers and general public of OIC Member states will be the one joining the meeting. 

Dr. Ghazna is a member of Scientific Task Force established by the Federal Ministry of Science & Technology. The Task Force is authorized to plan, conduct and to circulate findings of PROTECT in scientific interest to suppress the impact of drastic pandemic of SARS- Cov -2 in Pakistan.

PROTECT is the only pre-peak clinical trial, at the moment, in the world having started 19 hospitals in Pakistan. Dr Ghazna is an advisor on maternal and child health to the KP Department of Health. Apart from this, she also serves as a technical advisor to the Federal Ministry of National Health Regulations and Services, Islamabad.




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