Glasgow Science Centre launches Big Biodiversity Week

Glasgow Science Centre will launch its Big Biodiversity Week on Monday 1st June, with environment-inspired videos being broadcast every day at 10am.

Kids can learn to move like animals with a special tai chi class, and they’ll have the chance to meet Amber and Archie – two pet snakes owned by Glasgow Science Centre’s science communicators.

Each day videos will bring biodiversity and the environment to life, with the chance to make an origami turtle, learn about colour blindness in dogs and find out how to grow plants at home.

Big Biodiversity Week is part of Glasgow Science Centre’s GSC at Home programme, which has been bringing fun science to children across Scotland (and the world) every day at 10am since before lockdown began.

The week coincides with World Environment Day on Friday 5th June.

Stephen Breslin, chief executive of Glasgow Science Centre, said: “We wanted to celebrate biodiversity this week and bring the millions of bugs, animals, plants and microbes that make up our planet.

“Biodiversity is under threat in Scotland and around the world. There are eight million species on Earth, but within the next 10 years there’s a risk that one of every four known species could be made extinct.

“GSC At Home is bringing the wonders of nature to life this week with hands-on activities for children and families, and we think grown-ups will enjoy the shows too.”

The Glasgow Science Centre Big Biodiversity Week is running Monday 1st – Sunday 7th June. Videos will be broadcast every day on Glasgow Science Centre’s social media channels and people can follow the activity and get involved using #BigBiodiversityWeek and #GSCAtHome.

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