Bannu University highlights the threat of cyber terrorism and religious extremism in a webinar

University of Science and Technology, Bannu highlights the risks posed by cyber terrorism and religious extremism in a webinar.

Bannu University highlights cyber terrorism and religious extremism in a webinar

The online webinar titled ‘Emergency and Stress Management and Cybersecurity‘ was organized by the University of Science and Technology, Bannu. The occasion included two instructional sessions titled ‘Emergency and Stress Management as indicated by Sharia Perspective’ and ‘Countering Increased Threat of Cyber terrorism and religious extremism’.

Cybersecurity experts from National Defense University (NDU) Asfand Ousaf and Qaiser Bilal from Kohat University of Science and Technology led the two sessions.

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Asfand Ousaf forewarned the members of the webinar to remain mindful and immovable against the promulgation attack propelled by the foe through a ‘delicate hostile’ by utilizing the web and the internet. He additionally cited a couple of cases from the ongoing past of radicalization through web-based social networking and particularly referenced the instances of Noreen Leghari and Saad Aziz just as an episode of fear-mongering at a mosque in New Zealand.

He advised the members about fear monger bunches progressively utilizing the internet for enrollment and radicalization of youth and addressed them about potential dangers of the advancement of liberal philosophies, drug business, savagery, and inappropriate behavior through the web. He additionally played various recordings to bring issues to light among the members about the darker and wrong side of the web and the need to embrace strategies for safe web perusing.

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Qaiser Bilal told the members that the entire world is as of now confronted with an immense test looking like coronavirus pandemic. He said the psychological oppressor associations are out to utilize this emergency for their personal stakes by confounding strict lessons through a delicate hostile by utilizing the web and the internet, which needs an exhaustive counter system to guarantee that individuals don’t fall prey to the motivation of the enemies.

He said the time has come to atone and look for absolution from Almighty Allah for every one of our bad behaviors. He said individuals and the administration need to battle a joint war against this pandemic in the light of lessons of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). He said receiving fundamental prudent steps is vital to crushing this beast.

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He said Islam trains its devotees to look for absolution and help and direction from Allah Almighty in case of any emergency, and yet the religion likewise shows the significance of embracing preventive measures to spare oneself just as a society from the unfavorable impacts of any catastrophe. “It is just by holding fast to the lessons of Islam that we can overcome this tremendous test,” he kept up, including that Sharia has likewise given rules to oversee mental stress in the wake of any emergency, similar to the coronavirus pandemic.

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