500kV HVAC transmission line energizes by NTDC

The first time in the history of Pakistan High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) transmission line energizes by connecting it to High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) system by National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) to improve voltage transmission system of Pakistan.

500kV HVAC transmission line energizes by NTDC

The distribution Sector of power transmission considered the weakest link in the entire power sector. Transmission Losses is about 17% while Distribution Losses is approximate 50%.

Transmission and Distribution Losses are categorized into Technical Losses
 and Non-Technical Losses (Commercial Losses)

The technical losses produce because of energy lost in the conductors, apparatus used for transmission line transformer, sub-transmission line, and distribution line and magnetic losses in transformers.

For the prevention of this technical transmission loss, almost three kilometers lengthy 500kV Alternative Current transmission line energizes by NTDC i.e. 500kV double circuit transmission line on quad-bundled drake conductor, for looping in/out of the second circuit of 500kV Lahore (south) grid station to Sheikhupura transmission line at Balloki Lahore HVDC Converter Station.

The spokesman said that the government has planned the installation of around 4,000MW power plants, having imported coal-based power plants situated at Bin Qasim and Hub and Thar coal-based Power Plants situated in Thar area of the country.

These power plants will be joined with 500kV Matiari switching station through 500kV HVAC transmission lines. Moreover, 890km-long 660kV HVDC bipole transmission line from Matiari to Lahore plus converter stations at both ends will be constituted by a private transmission company on BOOT basis for the transmission of bulk power from Matiari to mid-country load centers.

The spokesman said that the purpose of HVAC transmission lines is for reliable transmission of power coming from south to mid-country (load centers) via HVDC bipoles.

NTDC Managing Director Engr Dr Khawaja Riffat Hassan appreciated the efforts of NTDC team for the completion of the project on time despite on going COVID-19 and lockdown situation in the country.

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