Digital startup Mobile Veterinary launches by VETs

Freshly qualified veterinarians launched a mobile veterinary digital startup which would be proved a blessing for pet lovers as it facilitates them online and provides service for sick birds and animals amid lockdown.

DIGIVETPK is the name of this remarkable service launched in Peshawar. It provides online facilitation regarding pet feeding, medical assistance to ill pets and physical treatment and vaccination on nominal charges.


The DIGIVETPK Veterinary Service includes fifteen VETs, consisting of a female, and provides assistance to the callers totally free and in physical assistance for an examination of pet animal or bird, charge limited amount. It is the first-ever mobile service in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa having highly capable veterinary doctors.

Talking to media, the creator of the digital service, Dr. Ameer Hamza said, “We have decided a fixed amount of Rs. 700 to charge for visiting home for treatment of an ailing animal or bird while the cost of medicine is bored by the owner. Our digital service assisted a large number of pet animals during the coronavirus lockdown due to closing of pet clinics and restriction on movement of people”.

There are almost 10,000 pet animals in Peshawar and the number of birds is much more than this which is kept at homes. A number of animals and birds become sick due to various reasons and one of them is due to climate change and need treatment from a qualified VET.

Dr Ameer Hamza said, “The pet keepers were suffering during corona lockdown in taking their ill animals and birds to clinics for treatment, but DIGIVETPK came for their assistance. Our Vets have a great experience of dealing with major animal residing at homes or farms for production, breeding and recreation purpose”. He said that he is also attending classes for a relevant course to launch his own `app’ on Google play store for making public access to them much easier.


Digital startup Mobile Veterinary launches by VETs

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