Facebook reveals first 20 members of oversight board

Facebook reveals the first 20 members of the oversight board. Facebook’s oversight board is an independent group of people who can decide whether content should appear in the Facebook and Instagram News Feed or not.

Facebook revealed the first 20 members of the oversight board. The board is going to receive cases via content moderation platforms that are linked to Facebook’s reporting system.

Once a case is brought up, the board will discuss the case as a group and then issue a final decision.

Facebook originally announced the independent board in November 2018. And the group includes a group of lawyers, journalists, and human rights activists.

“With our size comes a great deal of responsibility and while we have always taken advice from experts on how to best keep our platforms safe, until now, we have made the final decisions about what should be allowed on our platforms and what should be removed. And these decisions often are not easy to make – most judgments do not have obvious, or uncontroversial, outcomes and yet many of them have significant implications for free expression,” said Nick Clegg, VP of Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook.

Facebook said it would give the board $130 million in funding last year and that is expected to cover the operational costs for at least 6 years. And Facebook director of global affairs Brent Harris said that the social network company will implement the decisions from the board unless it violates the law.

Nighat Dad Founder and Executive Director of the Digital Rights Foundation the only Pakistani in oversight board.

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