Pakistan needs to increase diagnostic capability of coronavirus

Chairmen task force for Science and TECHNOLOGY Dr. Atta ur Rehman urged to increase the diagnostic capability in order to fight coronavirus.

Pakistan needs to increase diagnostic capability of coronavirus

Increasing the diagnostic capability would help recognize the infected people with coronavirus. Buying testing packs in large numbers would be an advantage for clinical staff in testing individuals with a viral infection, he said. This method will also help to identify infected persons and we can isolate them from healthy individuals.

Talking about the vaccination he said the scientist and health experts of science and innovation had started the arrangement of immunization however it was the primary stage and an arduous work was still ahead to accomplish the advancement in such manner. He said that health specialists would need to counsel the (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) DRAP, for approval for the next phase. While talking to the media person he said the procedure of vaccination would require appropriate time to go for clinical testing of individuals with coronavirus.

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The clinical testing of the influenced patients could take somewhere in the range of eight months to a year, to arrive at a definite conclusion for realness and adequacy of the vaccination, he expressed. To an inquiry regarding ventilators, the Chairman stated, we have to have an adequate number of ventilators to handle the crisis circumstance in open segment medical clinics.

To another inquiry in regards to lockdown, he said actualizing the lockdown an obvious point of view would profit the residents and protecting them from spreading infection. Dr. Ata ur Rehman focused on the requirement for carefully monitoring social distancing precautionary steps that must be taken by the individuals for the wellbeing and security of their relatives.

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In the meantime, Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Hussain said that there were 2500 ventilators, out of which, somebody thousand had been fixed by the technical staff of the ministry and university.

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