3 core pieces of technology that could help your business excel from afar

Struggling to work competently from home, and want to think of some ways to upgrade the digital infrastructure of your business so that you can excel from afar?

3 core pieces of technology that could help your business excel from afar

Well, now might be the perfect time to innovate, and future-proof your business practices for the modern age. Here are three interesting examples of technology that you might be able to leverage and integrate into your business going forward.

Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Many entrepreneurs and business owners might dismiss VR as just another entertainment-orientated gimmick similar to 3D films, or even the red and blue glasses of yesteryear. But, in fact, they’re here to stay, and have will have a much greater purpose going forward.

While it’s true that it might not be the right fit for every different arm of business, there are some excellent uses outside of entertainment that you might not have even considered. Here are a couple of unique uses in different industries to get your mind whirring on whether it might be right for your line of work.

Investment – In the property investment industry, some companies such as RWinvest are using virtual reality technology in order to show potential investors what their property will look like once completed. This is ideal for the current pandemic that we’re in, as it means that investors can still continue to grow their portfolio from afar, but in regular circumstances, it also benefits international investors that can’t necessarily access their property on a regular basis

Training – Some particular professions such as surgeons or even astronauts are using VR in order to train staff for the future, seeing as the practice isn’t something that you can necessarily get first-hand. NASA in particular use an advanced set up that allows trainees to get a real feel for what it’s like aboard a space station.

Cloud Technology

This is something that many different businesses are kitted out with already, but it’s an absolutely incredible upgrade to have. Not only does uploading your files and needed info to the cloud give you peace of mind that if something were to happen that it’d all be backed up and safe, but it also allows you to access your work from anywhere, and from pretty much every device that has a screen (save for the fridge, perhaps). This can give a massive boost to productivity, and again, is brilliant for security reasons.

Again, aside from the ability to have everything stored online (which in many cases can actually increase the speed of the device you’re using), cloud storage can help massively with collaborative working. With documents and data updating dynamically as you work, multiple colleagues can add to the same doc and save the hassle of doing the same work by accident…

Video conferencing and calling software

Having the ability to call and talk to your colleagues might sound like a given, but with video technology and the increasing reliance on it during this pandemic, it’s become clear how important and useful it can be. Using programmes such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom can be a great stand in when people aren’t working in the same office; the closest thing you can get to normalcy in a trying time, even if it’s just to be social and not even for work purposes.