VC University of Okara encouraging e-Learning system in wake of Coronavirus

Vice Chancellor University of Okara Prof. Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar said that outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide had provided the academia an opportunity to seamlessly integrate face-to-face and e-Learning system as the future was hinged on blended methodology.

VC University of Okara encouraging e-Learning system in wake of CoronavirusHe said while addressing the faculty members through a video conference that since the pandemic and its effects seemed to be staying longer, adding that on-campus educational activities might remain suspended or disrupted.

He added that teachers and students of University of Okara face various problems of commutation, boarding and lodging for on-campus education. Thus, e-Learning has to continue partly.

He further added that all the educational institutions must build their capacity to switch between conventional and online teacher quickly and smoothly and the teachers, students or administrators who fail to adapt will have no place in the new scenario.

He also highlighted certain hiccups being faced by the e-Learning system including digital divide, lack of awareness and professional training and behavioral reluctance.

VC told that the issues and barriers are here and both the institutions and governments should endeavor to fix it through scholarships, grants, loans, donations etc.

He advised his faculty specifically and the academia at large to get the training of new tools and modifies their syllabuses and evaluation methodologies in order to adapt to the new standards.

University of Okara is a public sector University dedicated to the responsibility of creating a global knowledge disseminating hub transgressing national and International borders and territories thereby transforming every student into a responsible human by igniting innovation in their minds, finally altering them into excellent professionals.