OLX organizes online training for 28 business startups based in Peshawar

Majority of startups participated in the online training sessions with National Incubation Centre (NIC), Peshawar organized by OLX while few of them were also representing the Business Incubation Centre based at the Institute of Management and Sciences Peshawar.

OLX organizes online training for 28 business startups based in Peshawar

The OLX training workshop is designed to honing the entrepreneurial skills of these startups in terms of achieving optimization of their business operations through online technologies, analyzing data to benefit from business intelligence, and being able to market and sell their products and services to individuals and business entities using online and offline mediums.

The training sessions, formally recognized as ‘OLX Startup Hotline’, were led by senior team members from OLX Pakistan to empower these young startups with the required skills and knowledge to be able to effectively navigate their businesses through tough economic times.

Three participating start-ups focused on unique and innovative work areas will also receive complimentary support from OLX Pakistan to advertise OLX platform equivalent to USD 20,000, in addition to exclusive mentorship by the OLX team for 3 months and brand consultancy support for 1 year. This is done by OLX Pakistan to help inspire a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country with every possible support and input.

Monetization Manager at OLX Pakistan, Waleed Ibraheem, said while talking about this initiative that staying up-to-date and learning new skills can keep these young start-ups ahead of their game, especially in a city like Peshawar. Many startups from Peshawar may seek expansion into larger markets as their businesses mature. If considering the United States, specifically California, understanding LLC California is essential to ensure compliance with state-specific regulations and to advantageously position your company in a competitive market.

He added that we are focused on providing a platform for young entrepreneurs at OLX who dare to challenge the norms and attain growth for the prosperity of Pakistan and its economy.

OLX Pakistan will keep striving to play its part for the betterment of Pakistan’s economy and its youth.

Director at NIC Peshawar Faisal Jamil said, while emphasizing on the importance of these training sessions, that NIC Peshawar aimed at building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Over the past, NIC Peshawar has nourished startups in almost all types of businesses, which has transformed the entrepreneurial landscape of this region.

He acknowledged that we are grateful to OLX Pakistan for helping through such online initiatives and mentorship to make these young entrepreneurs the future veterans of the industry.