It all started with “Human Genome Project” which was completed in 2003. World celebrates the DNA DAY on 25th of April every year in recognition of an immensive success of sequencing a complete human genome. Officially DNA discovery (1953) happened by the mercy of Watson and Crick—the great scientists of their era. But it did not start by then. The history of DNA starts from 1860s (with Mendel’s experiments) to reach the current form. Given its inevitable significance and impact in our lives, we celebrate DNA Day every year.

Nature’s Marvel

DNA is not just a hereditary material but also a headquarter of every stimulus, action and reaction a living being performs. Now a days, all the human disease testing involve DNA identification one way or the other. For example, take the example of current COVID-19. The primary analysis performed for its diagnostics, involves identification of viral DNA (e.g. PCR). Every living creature on earth has a unique DNA and is composed of a sugar, phosphate group and four nitrogenous bases. It is such a unique marvel of nature that, all organisms have the same constituents of DNA but arranged in such a unique way that each one of them entails an exclusive order.


Various organizations and institutes organize conferences, seminars, workshops, essay and drawing competitions, publish special editions in journals etc. on national and international level. Similarly, webinars and outdoors activities are also the part of this celebration.

The current advances in technology has made it possible to sequence your DNA in just 100 USD. Sequencing can help to identify potential future diseases. For example, Alzheimer, diabetes etc. Based on this, scientist are preparing personalized medicines so that a person may not get the disease. Consequently, he can have the medicine before hand thereby killing the root before it flourishes. Although not just in medicine, scientist are using DNA as memory chips to store huge amount of DNA. Other uses include use in biosensor technology, waste treatments, behavioral studies, crime investigation, improving crop production, improving nutrition quality etc.

Let’s celebrate!

We hope that the current pandemic will end soon, as scientist are manipulating viral DNA to prepare vaccine. This is not just the case. The future will circulate all around DNA. We need to stay positive and step ahead to understand this marvel of nature. As the world celebrates the DNA Day every year. Let’s us join them this year!

By Ali Ahmad

A bio-technologist with interest in agriculture, environment and sustainable development. I like to talk about the world class research and the modern technologies that are shaping today's agriculture for the future generations.