Another social media marriage stops amid COVID-19

A social media marriage stopped between Amit and Summan due loc-kdown caused by coronavirus disease

Another social media marriage stops amid COVID-19

In September, a youngster from Punjab’s Gurdaspur area connected with a lady in Pakistan’s Karachi city. Not certain how Hindu celebrations were commended there, he asked her how was her Janmashtami.

She clarified and what began of interest at that point before long transformed into a blameless love. They have routinely chatted on Facebook since. In November, Amit Sharma, 30, proposed to Summan RantiLal, 28, who said “Yes”.

As their romantic tale thrived, beating the oppression of the borders, the coronavirus pandemic struck, and the plans for their social media marriage, at first planned for June, presently barely hold on. Amit knew seeking after a relationship with a Karachi young lady would not be simple.

“I needed to persuade my family. The significant distance had prompted a sort of dread about whether this will be even conceivable. Be that as it may, Summan’s family members in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad and Gurdaspur’s Qadian guided us,” Amit, a sales rep at a privately owned business, said.

Summan is seeking after M.Phil from Karachi University and cherishes traveling, cooking, and reading, he said. “She had consistently disclosed to me that traveling is her pastime and she had visited numerous spots however never voyaged alone. Presently she should travel a significant distance for me.” Amit said. After the pandemic dies down, Amit’s family will send a sponsorship visa to Summan’s family, he stated, including his dad Ramesh Sharma is anxious to visit Pakistan. Summan’s family is also waiting to serve the well-known Karachi halwa.

By Ahsan Ali

A young motivated person, interested in research and bioenterpreneurship in Pakistan.