WhatsApp will allow unlimited users to start video or audio call in group

WhatsApp owned by Facebook, has planned to launch another feature for allowing users to start video or audio chat in group with unlimited users.

WhatsApp will allow unlimited users to start video or audio call in groupOfficials reported that WhatsApp has been working to increase the number of users in group audio and video calls. However, there is no information about the number limit of people who can join the WhatsApp video chatting. Previously Whatsapp allows four users in group for video or audio call.

WhatsApp Beta spectators claimed to have discovered a revealing string of code in the app’s Android beta version 2.2.128. Beta apps are just some trial versions of the actual WhatsApp version.

WhatsApp has also seen a significant place in usage among many other communication apps through texts, audio and video calling alike along with many fellow communication apps. The app, which comes with end to end encryption, offers a safe suite of services.

Another app name Zoom cant chosen many users for its privacy issues. The feature of user safety and privacy is something that has helped WhatsApp to hold its ground. Going forward, it remains to be seen how WhatsApp expands its usage scope to include more users in its fold.

Social media usage has rising alot due to the COVID-19 crisis, as more users go online to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues.

Overall, WhatsApp has seen a 40 percent increase in usage that grew from an initial 27 percent rise in the earlier days of the pandemic to 41 percent in the mid-phase.

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