#WeRejectOnllineClasses #WeWantSemesterBreak and #HEC_StopOnlineClasses trends are doing the rounds on Twitter.Students are facing issues regarding online education and have rejected online education.

#Werejectonlineclasses trend is circulating on social media for many days. In these unprecedented times of pandemic, it is not only our economy that is facing downfall but education is also disarraying.

Board and Cambridge exams have been deferred while semester classes are in a state of uncertainty. Higher education is perhaps the least discussed issue by the government.

The government has to pay attention to provide internet facility also in remote areas of Pakistan which are ignored by officials for so long.

Students’ reservations are also a genuine case. There are thousands of students who belong to remote areas of Pakistan that are deprived of internet connectivity. Online education is boon to those who have access to the internet with good bandwidth.

As online classes depend on the internet, uniformity in learning can’t be achieved in the absence of the internet. The current online assessment tools are also not much up to the mark.

Another challenge that is existing is privacy and security during online classes. Technology is vulnerable not only in Pakistan but around the world due to its misuse. Hacking of accounts and then posting inappropriate stuff there is a challenge during online classes.

 Drastic situations require drastic measures. It is significant that we should prepare ourselves today. Let’s consider online classes as a trial. It is an opportunity for students and teachers to learn methods of online education.