E-Olympiad – Air Nexus 20: Air University debuts E-event amid Covid-19

First-ever E-Olympiad named Air Nexus 20 is going to be conducted by the Air University from 19 to 23 April 2020. It is a great opportunity to engage students.

E Olympiad - Air Nexus 20: Air University debuts E-event amid Covid-19

Air University conducts Olympiad every year name Air Nexus. But this year due to the current situation of the corona pandemic it is going to start E-Olympiad. It is a good opportunity to engage quarantined minds in something productive.

The university administration stated that about 61 events would be held online, with the support of Directorate of student affairs. The Air e-Nexus’20 would likewise investigate new opportunities in this pandemic.

Students in particular work-from-home and remote learning through the successful utilization of online advanced instruments, including e-LMS. University administration further mentioned that they would donate all the earnings in the corona aid fund.

“We wish to restore the spark that the young people of Pakistan think they have lost in their lives due to COVID-19,” the announcement said. The noticeable occasions of the Olympiad include e-competitions among different institutes that include building structures, quizzes, videography, photography, activity, and different other Skill-based events.

“The goal of this entire competition is to highlight the importance of technology in education. It is a very innovative opportunity for creating an understanding of the digital economy and urge them to be tech-savvy. The essential thought process behind changing yearly Air Nexus occasion to e-Nexus is elevating a computerized stage to help accomplish the idea of advanced Pakistan” it included.

Air e-Nexus’20 plans to substantiate itself one of the significant venturing stones through which the young students can acquire an unmistakable change the brains and hearts of individuals, for the fate of a dynamic and mechanically propelled Pakistan. Air University has and consistently will be driving from the front on the side of new ideas and innovative solutions.

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