Cryptocurrency a possible solution amid Covid-19

Government of Pakistan and the concern authorities must starts thinking about positive aspects of the use of cryptocurrency and try to make it legalize in a country.

Cryptocurrency a possible solution amid Covid-19The World Health Organization stated in a report that people should beware of currency notes as Covid-19 might be transmitting through exchange of currency with each other.

Moreover, WHO had said banknotes are spreading the Covid-19 so customers should wash their hands after touching banknotes. Debates went among concerns over whether currency might play a role in spreading the virus or not.

WHO also suggested in a recent report that everyone try to use contactless payments instead of cash where you don’t have to touch cash even through credit or debit cards.

State Bank of Pakistan banned cryptocurrency or digital currency in 2018. Today’s world is a digital era so how we can think to survive without digital currency. Time has came where we can think about utilization of cryptocurrency. No need to touch currency or cards to purchase stuff form markets. Fast, secure borderless transactions where you are using your digital wallets. You have no fear of covid-19 spreading via currency. It will also provide financial liberty as well as rising in the economic growth of the country.

We request from the government & the concern authorities to think about positive aspects of the use of cryptocurrency and make it legal. We have not lost all, still we can introduce the idea of cryptocurrency in our country as this would not only help in reshaping Pakistan’s economy but also help in lowering spread of germs through currency.

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