PCST constantly updating Its Online Coronavirus Knowledge Centre

Pakistan Council of Science and Technology (PCST) team has refreshed its online Coronavirus Knowledge Centre with the most recent information and articles about Coronavirus for assisting the researchers, planners and masses.

PCST constantly updating Its Online Coronavirus Knowledge Centre

Secretary PCST, Dr. Aslam Tahir who is leading the Coronavirus Knowledge Centre informed media that there was critical need of developing such a link at a time when temperamental information was being spread in the market.

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The Coronavirus Knowledge Centre was established on the direction of Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain.

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He said that we are constantly updating this center with good quality material for the utilization of researchers, planners, policy makers as well as for public awareness.

Dr. Aslam informed up till now national and international links having most reliable information are available on site and we as a team are constantly updating it. People from every group of life can access the link to get reliable and real information about Coronavirus,

The team of PCST for Corona Virus Knowledge Center worked under the supervision of Secretary of the council, Dr. Muhammad Aslam Tahir. Other members includes in ‘Corona Virus Knowledge Center’ are PRO, Dr. Tariq Bashir, SRO, Dr. Bushra Arshad, Deputy Director, Mr. Khalid Bhatti, SRO, Engr. Farhad Farid Khattak and Developer, Mr. Tanzeel ur Rehman.

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