COMSATS and Sri Lanka concur on better coordinated effort

COMSATS and Sri Lanka will extend collaboration in different fields of science and innovation to advance science-drove practical improvement in the South.

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Science and technology innovation cooperation will be enhanced between COMSATS and Sri Lanka to advance science-led development in the South.

This was promised by a four-part delegation of the Both Sri Lanka and COMSATS were represented by their Sri Lankan High Commission in Pakistan, drove by High Commissioner U L Niyas during a meeting with Dr M Junaid Zaidi, Executive Director, and other senior authorities of COMSATS.

The delegation was on visit to COMSATS Secretariat. The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is an establishing individual from the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) a between administrative association situated in Islamabad, endeavoring to advance South-South collaboration in the fields of science and innovation.

Dr. Zaidi notified the High Commissioner of the continuous exercises and tentative arrangements of COMSATS. Right now, recognized and valued the dynamic association of the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI), Sri Lanka, in the global projects and exercises of the association.

ITI is one of the 22 Centers of Excellence of COMSATS. Dr. Zaidi reviewed his ongoing visits to Colombo and communications with the Sri Lankan government authorities planned for improving cooperation in the territories of common intrigue.

Dr. Zaidi featured the Science and Technology limit of the COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), being its establishing Rector, and shared insights about postgraduate grants offered by the University for COMSATS Member States.

He said postgraduate grants and postdoctoral cooperations are likewise accessible for COMSATS Member States at different Centers of Excellence in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan and Pakistan. He additionally shed light on the targets and arranged exercises of the COMSATS Center for Climate and Sustainability (CCCS), which has as of late been set up including 20 Member States of COMSATS including Sri Lanka. The Executive Director familiar the agents in regards to the endeavors being made as to the foundation of Science and Technology colleges.