HEC undertake numerous idea to improve quality of education

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has undertaken numerous step for improving improvement of quality of higher education continuously in accordance with fast pace world.

HEC undertake numerous idea to improve quality of educationAccording to the officials HEC restored post-secondary education for advancing the educational standards at graduate level.

Officials further said that the commission had also established National Academy for Higher Education with objective to design and delivering generic and need-based capacity building and training programs in teaching and research for faculty. It would also focus on academic governance and leadership for faculty and management.

HEC also revamp Education Testing Council (ETC) under which the entry tests are standardized for public and private universities of Pakistan. The aim of constitution of ETC is to hold uniform, accessible and competitive assessment base for admissions to universities.

They added that the test under ETC will be free of cost for the students. The HEC has revamped of National Research Framework for promotion of academic as well as applied research culture in the higher education institutions, to address the significant societal issues and boost international compatible research for a sustainable and progressive research ecosystem in the country.

They said that academic research is a key element for higher education sector’s growth, knowledge creation and building strategic partnerships.

The Research Grant Framework an initiative of HEC gives research grants to creative researchers to assist them in research pursuits. The funds were include Grand Challenge Fund (GCF), Local Challenge Fund (LCF), Technology Transfer Support Fund (TTSF), Innovative & Collaborative Research Grant (ICRG), National Research Programme for Universities (NRPU) and Technology Development Fund.

HEC was also planning strategy for raising funds for universities, which was culminated in 2019. Universities set a target of mobilizing 20 per cent of their revenue from non-government and non-tuition sources by 2020 under this plan.

The Higher Education Management Information System has been also established with the idea to computerize all the manual process and business of the Department for high information among sections/offices of the Department and hence for timely decision making by the Administration.

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