Iran and Pakistan expands technological support with each other

The first meeting between Iran and Pakistan information and communication technologies (ICT) cooperation commission was held in Islamabad for the establishment of a joint ICT working group which seeks to expand technological support.

Iran and Pakistan expands technological support with each other

A joint working group on ICT has been established between Iran and the neighboring Pakistan in view of  the Pakistani government policies to expand its international scientific and technological support.

Joint ICT working group was as an adjunct unit of Iran and Pakistan Border Trade Committee.

The meeting was attended by Pakistan’s deputy Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication Ahmad Siddiqui and Iran’s Deputy ICT Minister Sattar Hashemi.

Both countries shared the achievements of their local ICT sectors during the session and emphasized on learning from each other’s experiences and enhancing their connectivity efforts.

Expansion of technological support with other countries and attraction of domestic and foreign investments for developing technology ecosystem in the country has been high on the agenda of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani .  

The meeting concluded on the note of continuing discussions and collaborations in different tech fields for jointly achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through the efficient use of technology.

Vice chairman of the board of Telecommunications Infrastructure Company of Iran Sajjad Bonabi said that “The newly-established unit is aimed at boosting collaboration for the development of ICT infrastructure, regulations and space science”.