Prof Dr Muhammad Mukhtar recognizes as Reskilling revolution in Davos 2020

Prof Dr Muhammad Mukhtar considers Reskilling Revolution a unique opportunity for the education system of the country holistically in Davos 2020.

Prof Dr Muhammad Mukhtar recognizes as Reskilling revolution in Davos 2020The Vice Chancellor National Skills University Islamabad has appreciated the government commitment towards reforming skills education in the country and being recognized as a member of the ‘Reskilling Revolution’ initiative launched in the last week in Davos, Switzerland.

Other partner countries of this unique initiative focusing on the upskilling and reskilling of one billion workforce by 2030 are India, Oman, Russian Federation, and the United Arab Emirates. The ‘Reskilling Revolution is in response to the impending challenge that technological advancements and Industrial revolution 4.0 is bringing rapid changes in the job’s markets.

Several current job opportunities will be wiped out due to technological advancements. The existing and upcoming workforce must equip themselves with the skills necessary for new jobs through upskilling or reskilling methodologies; otherwise, they might face hurdles to continue their existing jobs or find a new one. The ‘Reskilling Revolution’ will cope with this impending global challenge, including Pakistan. Ultimate objective is to equip one billion people with skills necessary for jobs in technological oriented job places.

In the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos2020, it has been decided to strengthen the program titled ‘Closing the Skills Gap Accelerator.’ This program focuses on three levels including i) National Level Action through public and private partners with a mediated efforts by education ministries and private companies CEOs; global learning network following champion countries like  Singapore; and closing the skills gap playbook that describes tools, resources, and processes designed by respective countries governments to comply with requirements of the initiative. Currently, Oman is the only partner country having this setup in place with an appropriate action plan.

The United Arab Emirates showed its commitment to comply with requirements of the ‘Reskilling Revolution’ and is also providing seed money for its implementation. The members of this program will continue to increase and the target for current year is to have total fifteen members.

Prof Dr Muhammad Mukhtar implored all stakeholders to lend their efforts in making Pakistan a role model like Singapore that has been characterized as the champion of this initiative.

Prof Dr Muhammad Mukhtar also urged on refining skills education policies and procedures within the country aligning with the realities and requirements of the contemporary world. In the education sector, there are several educational setups, starting from kindergarten to higher education.

They all must change and equip themselves with skills necessary to survive in future workplaces.  Pakistan’s first public sector university dedicated toward imparting skills education the National Skills University; Islamabad is a highly impressive setup that needs to be strengthened for making Pakistan a highly compliant county with the Reskilling Revolution.

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