Two sisters from Abbottbad give new solutions regarding polythene bags

Two students from private educational institution located in Abbottbad have come up with an innovative solution with plastic and polythene bags that are disaster with environment.

Two sisters from Abbottbad give new solutions regarding polythene bagsTwo sisters name as Saba and Savera recycled polythene bags and turned them into grease which is used for making machines run smoothly.

Sisters said while talking to media that “We have prepared grease after recycling polythene. The main purpose behind our idea is to recycle polythene, which would greatly help in purging our environment of pollution, making it clean”.

Polythene bags releases toxic gases and affects the function of the immune system. Plastic waste choking our oceans, lakes, and rivers and piling up on land is more than unsightly and harmful to plants and wildlife

In addition, the two sisters turned polythene into a lump of clay with the help of certain chemicals for hastening growth of plants in ten to twelve days in lieu of months.

Sisters added that “Actually, we have recycled and turned polythene into the clay, which is useful for growing plants fast. A plant which normally takes two months to grow in natural soil will grow in ten to twelve days in this clay”.

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