15 kg polyethylene bags confiscated by MoCC at melody G-6, I-8/1, I-8/3 Islamabad

Implementation team of Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) along with police confiscated more than 15kg Polyethylene bags during the search operation at Melody G-6, I-8/1, I-8/3 Islamabad and imposed fines Rs 65000/- on the violators of the regulation.

15 kg polyethylene bags confiscated by MoCC at melody G-6, I-8/1, I-8/3 IslamabadImplementation team of MoCC visited different general stores, Bakery and many other local shops located in melody G-6, I-8/1, I-8/3 Islamabad.

In last months MoCC did the search operation at PWD, Ghauri town, margala town, sawan, Taramri Chowk & Chathah Bakhtawar where 90kg polyethylene bags confiscated and imposed fines who violating the rules of the government.

Use of Polythene bags are reduced in the suburb of Islamabad but still many local shops and hawkers are still using Polyethylene bags in various places of Islamabad. The alternative of polythene bags like cotton bags, jute bags, paper bags and polypropylene bags are now available.

Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) Dr Zaigham Abbas said during search operation that “they confiscated more than five tons Polyethylene bags during the campaign which are properly recycled and then make dust bins which will be installed in the city”.

He further said while talking to media that “Plastic bags releases toxic gases and affects the function of the immune system. Plastic waste choking our oceans, lakes, and rivers and piling up on land is more than unsightly and harmful to plants and wildlife”.

Government and the concerned authorities are trying to eliminate the menace of the harmful effects of polythene bags by organizing environmental awareness campaigns through MoCC.

In order to restrain plastic pollution, the use of eco-friendly or paper bags must be a need of hour.