China ready for comeback launch of heavy lift long March 5 Rocket

China’s heavy lift Long March 5 rocket is being readied for its comeback flight at the Wenchang Space Launch Center in south China’s Hainan Province.

China ready for comeback launch of heavy lift long March 5 RocketAccording to the China National Space Administration (CNSA), The carrier rocket, coded as Long March 5 Y3, is planned to be launched around the end of December.

The launch will be the third ever for the Long March 5, and the first since a July 2017 liftoff ended in failure. An investigation traced the cause of that mishap to a problem with a first-stage engine.

CNSA deputy head Wu Yanhua reported in a newly posted China Central Television (CCTV) video that engineers and scientists are convinced that all of the prep works for the upcoming launch whether in terms of technology or quality assurance has been completed.

He told that “Next, we will fill it with fuel at the launching area and run some tests”

The Long March 5 booster is essential for China’s future space station, as well as its moon and Mars exploration plans.

Wu Yanhua  said “If the flight is successful, it will be tasked with a series of key missions including launching China’s first Mars probe, the Chang’e 5 lunar probe and a core module for the manned space station”.

A modified version of the rocket, the Long March-5B, will be used to construct China’s space station.