Pakistani students excels at BIT China

Numerous Pakistani students were awarded “best student of the year” for their performance during current academic year at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).

Pakistani students excels at BIT ChinaBIT is one of a major research university under the supervision of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

According to BIT, 85 per cent belonged to Pakistan out of total distinguished international students from Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Egypt and African countries who won the award.

Student of Armament Science and Technology Department excelled in the research on molecular dynamics simulation, co-crystallization to decrease, sensitivity of explosive materials.

Syed Anees Haider Zaidi from Management Science and Engineering was awarded excellent student award for research in green supply chain.

Raja Hamid Dhanyak carried out research in electronic science and technology and Syed Zaheer from Mathematics department of the university conducted research in geometry and were acknowledged as excellent students at BIT.

Two students Zahoor Ahmed and Shujah-ur-Rehman from School of Management Economics excelled in carrying out research in environmental sustainability, energy economic and accounting respective.

Student from school of Automation Zeeshan Masood and a student from aerospace engineering Ali Muhammad Rawahid excellently performed during their research in control science and engineering and electric propulsion.

Students from school of optics and photonic, computer science and life sciences respective Ubaid Khan, Qasim Umer and Adnan Tahir got excellent award for research in optical engineering, machine learning, software maintenance and bioinformatics and neurology.

The large number of  students are from Pakistan, South Korea, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Thailand.

University nominates some students for excellent students of the year on the basis of their performance every year.